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The flexible, extra-wide straps for complete hair coverage are one size fits all. Because the material is excessively flexible, it can only be used by individuals who have soft, already compacted hair. ThefThe inside is soft, silky and breathable with a 4-way stretch that’s ideal for comfort. The inside material is stretchy, soft, and breathable, […]

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What are the benefits of using it? If you make a purchase using links on this page, we may earn an affiliate commission. The outcome may be a headscarf, not a durag. These factors, along with our premium velvet fabric there no surprise why our forest green velvet durag is one of our best-selling velvet […]

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However, there are huge styles and models of wave cap and it can get overwhelming picking out when there is such a huge variety available. But when you’re first starting out with your pattern, it’s better to wolf for shorter time intervals and go longer as your pattern comes in. Download the app and try […]