silk durag variety pack

You can knot it in a variety of ways because of its long tails. You can knot them down the skull or have them upward. Throughout your life there will be many prominent moments and happy times you will look back on and have treasured memories of. The fabric sits very close to the head […]

red bandana silky durag

The extra-long ties and elastic cloth ensure a close fit for optimal compression during the wolfing stage or to deepen existing wave patterns. The compression ability of the keep reduces frizz and also allows you to save time on rushing your hair too often. Day or night, the Veeta velvet durags’ form-fitting shape will keep […]

beauty town silky durag

Artists like Snoop Dogg, Mike Jones, Jay Z, Red Durag and Eminem have seen wearing wave caps for their performances and during public appearances. And people rightfully gave Fabolous crap about wearing a du-rag over his hat. We also have hundreds of New Men’s Velvet Durags Bandana Turban Hat Silky Dome Cap Turban Wide Band […]