dream silky durag

Oils and dirt from your hair will easily transfer to cloth material such as a durag; thus, changing and washing it every day is a must. However, wearing durag all day is not recommended, as it may leave unwanted marks on the sides of your head and big lines on your forehead. Although it’s alright […]

neon green silky durag

Designed with silk inside and out, your hair will rest as peacefully as you do throughout the night, frizz-free. And I feel like now they’re going to get their hair styled, blow it out, trim it and then say, ‘okay, stop there,’ and have it just live free, but still with a little wiry, airy […]

difference between silk and velvet durag

Have a tie in each hand, and wrap the ties behind your head. Tie them at the front, checking to see the ties are flat at the front. Find long straps that allow you to tie the Durags at the back without any struggle. Moreover, the straps are long enough to tie at the back […]