places that sell silk durags

It would not leave any lines on your head and will not disturb the waves of hair. The central stitching lines are at the outer side, which keeps the hairstyle and waved at perfect. The Brooke Visor Scarf is perfect for catching football games with under a setting sun, and the Padded Carol Scarf offers […]

grey silk durag

These durags are popular with construction and labor workers because they work mostly in the sun. Our durags are made from the most premium quality materials. Durags come in multiple fabrics and materials. People also ask, are Silk Durags good for waves? As a reminder, we have silk durags, velvet durags, designer durags, durgs for […]

difference between silk and polyester durag

But, if a durag fits securely and comfortably on your head then you can even wear them during sleep. Also, the different color and design options can be used on different occasions. Part of these occasions includes gifts and receiving one is always an exciting and pleasant time. On top of that, silk durags ensure […]