good silk durags

It’s advised that you wear your least attractive durags at night and wear the finer ones during the day. After applying an edge control product on the soft baby hairs, you can tie a du-rag overnight and wake up with laid edges to last throughout the day. This is the ultimate deception and consumers have […]

amazon durags silk

Place the durag to seam up the lines with the center of the face. You can tie the durag without the band, but that technique will leave lines on the face and won’t be very comfortable. If your detergent is made for regular clothing, it is recommended to pair it with a color guard when […]

velvet durag vs silk

Suitable for Everyone—-One size fit for all people,these durag perfect for kids ,360,540,720 Waves,Bikers,Hip-Hop lovers,chemo patient,hair loss,Muslim headscarf,sleep cap,or daily decoration.Perfect for all seasons. Occasions: This beanie is designed for chemo patient,hair loss,muslim headscarf,indian cap,sleep cap,pregnant mother cap or daily decoration. 4 Smooth desigh is suitabe for people who is undergoing chemotherapy treatments or want […]