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Durag needs to lay your hair down and make a wavy pattern. So if all a durag is supposed to do is keep your hair laid down then why does the material of it matter so much? Do you sleep with a durag? These durags are simply perfect for hip-hop lovers, bikers, sleep cap, Muslim […]

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We offer a 100% pure silk durag manufactured with a focus on superior quality at an affordable price. These materials offer enhanced durability and are also quite sustainable. These wonderful. polyester durag bandana are made of high-quality materials and last for a long time. Because it is made of rag materials. But how to know […]

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The most common problem with durags is their middle seam lining which leaves a line on the hair when you take it off. It determines if you’ll have any seam line in your hair or not. You can put your hair up in a high ponytail, also called a pineapple, to preserve your curls. All […]