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Rick Owens sent the headpiece down the runway back in 2014 and Solange even wore a durag to the Met Gala this year. At the 2018 Met Gala, Solange interpreted the durag as a heavenly headpiece with the public statement ‘My God wears a durag’. A silk Durag should keep your scalp dry and let […]

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Ababalya holds that these durags to have quadruple stitch seams design, which they expect to give you extra durability which will make them last longer periods. Much like the damage caused by perms, Designer Durag extended amounts of time spent in the sun can also make your hair dull. You can use it if your […]

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If you don’t have one, you may need to go purchase one now. If you want to buy many durag to match your many outfits, you must purchase a durag package. The best part is that you get both the colors in a package. Like proper random. We get on ridiculously well because we’re similar. […]

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Typical durags are made of synthetic fabric advertised as satin, “silky-silk”, polyester, and other misleading names. Premium Quality Wave Cap: Made of soft velvet and polyester, these wave cap-durag are silky, smooth and breathable, perfect for any weather. Our premium velvet is made with the highest quality of material and is extremely soft to the […]

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Nicki Minaj, in an Oscar de la Renta custom liquid degrade red sequin gown with a long, multi-layered hand dip dyed tulle coat and jeweled headdress with dangling crosses, was the most covered-up that I can recall. The man in the white coat floors his opponent more than once. Here is some more info on […]

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This cap, made of silicone, is perfect if what you are looking for is protection from water. Made of soft silicone, this wave cap I waterproof and will not only protect your hair from the chlorine water but will also provide the optimum compression needed to form waves. The compression factor also allows the formation […]

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These mesh do-rags compress your hair better than velvet durags, but not as good as the silk ones since the mesh fabric is mainly for aesthetic appeal than functionality. The fabric helped keep the hair “layed” and presentable. Their seams are placed outside so you would not get any seam line impression on your hair. […]

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As a result, it allows a snug fit and is suitable for most of the head sizes. As a result, you may always get a hue or a set of colors that go with your personal style. In addition, they have a sophisticated appearance and come in a variety of colors. Magic Collection is not […]

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Whether you spell it “durag,” “doo-rag” or “do-rag,” one thing’s for sure: Men and women love them because they serve a purpose and make a fashion statement. I believe that men are going to take a lot more risks with their hair – they’re going to get a lot more creative. Although, instead of pillowcases, […]

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Unique Design – Extra Long Tail, and wide headwraps for extra Hold and Compression, and the colour blocking design make the durag beanie fashionable & personality. In terms of design and sewing, I believe the business has done an excellent job. First and foremost, get the best material for the job. But, with this apparel […]