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It’s advised that you wear your least attractive durags at night and wear the finer ones during the day. After applying an edge control product on the soft baby hairs, you can tie a du-rag overnight and wake up with laid edges to last throughout the day. This is the ultimate deception and consumers have […]

pink silk durag

Last week, we featured workwear label Dickies Construct, and now we’ve decided to shine a light on Brooklyn-based L’ENCHANTEUR. If you want to use a durag to protect your hair from the sun, though, you’ll need to use a light-colored one to reflect the light away. But apart from the aesthetic and political value of […]

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Pure silk is shiny and help with compression when worn. Find best silk durags for waves online on Ubuy at the lowest prices. The manufacturer stitches on the outside and the middle seam, satin hair bonnet which prevents the formation of lines in your waves. The outside stitching will not leave lines on your head […]

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Another thing that won me over about this durag for waves is the length of the straps. Turn it over to create a twisting motion. She is also a Rotten Tomatoes accredited film critic (author at Frame Rated) and also runs Daily Actress, a Tumblr with over 100,000 followers. For that reason I would highly […]

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Designed with silk inside and out, your hair will rest as peacefully as you do throughout the night, frizz-free. And I feel like now they’re going to get their hair styled, blow it out, trim it and then say, ‘okay, stop there,’ and have it just live free, but still with a little wiry, airy […]

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It comes with extra-long and wide straps and tail to fix and fit it with exact hold, and comfort. It comes with long straps to easily tie behind the head with ease and without making it too tight as it holds the fixation in the right way. Pull both ties back and these ties should […]

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I remember going to Atlanta a few months ago and seeing all these girls at the hair salon waiting for their stylist, and they do that part before they apply the wig. These durags helps in laying your hair low. Air dry or tumble dry on low heat. It allows the entrance and exit of […]

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You can knot it in a variety of ways because of its long tails. You can knot them down the skull or have them upward. Throughout your life there will be many prominent moments and happy times you will look back on and have treasured memories of. The fabric sits very close to the head […]

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In addition, we have new arrivals on black velvet durag. The only difference between a silky and a velvet durag is the outside of the durag, the velvet durag has velvet fabric on the outside which makes the durag a bit heavier. A durag or skullcap is a fabric cap that ties in the back. […]

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Wide straps provide more security and best for use while sleeping. Besides, the extra-long and durable straps easily fit small to large heads but they won’t leave any lines on your head. The wave caps may get loose with small heads. 4PCS Silky Durags for Men 360 Waves, Designer Do Rag, 1 Wave Cap (Marij […]