These range from being a secret code of some gang or having ties with the underworld. Pull the two ties to the front of your head and cross them at the forehead the way you did at the back. You can drag the rim down a little in order to rest on top of the knot you attached or just pull a bit down and adjust a bit to give it the secure look. Pull down the flap that is hanging down your neck. Basically, it is a process where your hair is trained to lay down in a wavy and curl pattern. Basically, Du-rag trains your hair to lay flat on the head instead of growing outwards and helps you in maintaining your favorite 360 waves. The first of many reasons to wear du-rag is to maintain 360 Waves. However, hairs grow outwards which is a problem if you want to maintain 360 waves, and this where the du-rag comes into action.

In this article, we’d be giving you a brief history of du-rags and the benefits of wearing a du-rag. Talking about its fabric quality this is stretchable and soft, giving you the utmost comfort. 3.Comfortable, soft, no-slip, easy to wear, fashion chemo hat beanie scarf. To make things more interesting, let me tell you du-rag is not only a fashion statement, but a solution to different problems, best wave cap and here is how it can be a perfect solution to some of the hair issues. If you want to let the flap hang on the neck you have the chance. Summertime. For summer lovin’, opt for lightweight fabrics that’ll let your skin breathe. High Quality Material—- Made of good quality soft silk, which are smooth and flexible, the combination of external softness and internal smoothness is comfortable, breathable and stretchable, friendly to skin. Durags are made for anyone with any type of hair that wants to maintain slickness and neatness.

For the indecisive folks, Felicia Hair Bonnets’ caps come reversible with Ankara print on one side and a solid color on the other. Unlike other durags, this one has a slightly shorter tail which might be an issue to some. This one had to be the first on the list because this is where it goes wrong. This material was the first type to take flight in the durag community, and it continues to be a popular choice in today’s modern era. So, pick the right velvet durag seller to ensure you get a quality product that lasts for a long time. So, Play around with different styles and look up tutorials on YouTube. If the mirror can’t be reached you have to look for it in order to see if the position has been right. You do so in order not to form weird bulges. You can wash a durag, but you must make sure to do so on a gentle cycle and use a mild detergent at the most. You must think to keep about these wave cap is a very basic way.

Cotton has the least shrinkage and is naturally breathable, so it can keep you cool. “Cotton, You should use cotton fabric for your durags. Silk head shawls are made from cotton fabrics. “Both velvet and silk durags are great for a variety of hair types. Some people wear it with cornrows as they keep the hair from frizz and friction at least for some time. You might be familiar with the use of silk pillowcases to keep hair free from frizz and breakage. The durag will give you the ability to experience new styles, while being able to keep your Afro intact. Yes, you can wear a durag at work. Can you wear a durag all day? 50 Cent notably donned a durag on the cover of 2003’s Get Rich or Die Trying. Get sleek and glossy hair with this set of 3 durags. You will get more than 60 designs to choose your perfect match!